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Monday, January 21, 2013

We Are Not Perfect

Everyday we try to do the best we can and live with best intentions, but we are not perfect. It is not that we intend to do wrong or to hurt others, but it will eventually happen because we are human. In trying to do our best, we open ourselves to helping and caring for others. But even in our attempt to do that, we can only understand things from our perspective. Even as compassionate beings, we try to be open to all, but we do not know the answers to everything or know what to do in every situation. All we can do is the best we can, with the best of intentions. For it's not in perfection that we can live a better life, but in our love and compassion for others that our life will have more meaning. Today, let your heart be your guide. Sometimes you say or do things that others may not agree with, in those moments be still and reflect upon what has transpired. Knowing that you are not perfect, learn from your experiences and what others can teach you. Living life is part of our journey, not our destiny.
Imperfection is beautiful...
(I was reminded the other day that I'm not perfect. Writing this blog is not a reflection of who I am but what I inspire my life to be. Inspirational writing provides me with motivation of what life could be if only... Living a life of compassion, love and kindness, forgiveness, and joy is a life long commitment. This is a personal journey that I hope will help others, but it is not through living a life of perfection. S - thank you for reminding me of my imperfections. Sometimes I forget how interconnected we all are and the decisions I make impacts others. You are my heart.)

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