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Friday, January 25, 2013

This To Shall Pass

There are times when we think that whatever we are going through will be with us forever or what seems to feel like forever. But know that all things shall pass. Nothing stays the same. There is movement in everything that we do. The universe is always evolving and this is reflected in our lives. Although it may seem as if the difficulty or confusion that we are going through stays around for awhile, but this is not the case. Even during these times, things change. The key is knowing that everything shall pass. Trusting that you have the ability to control your reactions to the situation, changes the situation itself. Not giving in to the chaos is the first step to moving forward. You are stronger than you realize and can move mountains if you want to. Believe in yourself and you will see how things will begin to change. Today, be in the moment. Whatever you are going through, know that you can overcome all by having faith that this to shall pass.
What a wonderful place to pass the time...
(I always wonder why when things are going so well that time goes by quickly and when things are chaotic, time stops. I understand that time is just my perception, but it's strange how we can manipulate it. I guess it's another test for me to be at peace within myself. If I am grounded than nothing, whether good or bad should shake me off my foundation. It also helps to know that all things shall pass.) 

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