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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Faith In What Is

We all have the ability to attain what our heart desires. So why do we struggle so on our journey. If we have what it takes to fulfill our dreams, then why is it so difficult to find what we are looking for. Trusting that our heart's desire is something that is part of our universal plan, then we need to believe that it will come within time. It may not be within the time that we would like, but as all things comes to pass so will this. Having faith in things that are beyond what we can see, is difficult but that is what faith is all about.  Today, do what makes you smile. If there is laughter and joy in your heart, then your spirit will shine bright.
 What does your heart desire...
(What I've wanted out of life has evolved so many times. Sometimes I've attained my goals and other times not, but I guess like everything else it's the journey that is the joy. And the journey continues.)

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