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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

We tend to have a habit of going around obstacles that present themselves in our life. No matter how long it takes us, the easiest way seems to be the least stressful. How do we know that this way will be the best, when we haven't taken the time to explore any other option? We haven't even looked at what lay beyond because we assume that anything that is blocking our way must be avoided.What harm would befall us if we took some time to think before we take action? We may think that going around obstacles is the best choice for us, but it may not be the only choice available. Take the time to explore what lay ahead, for not all things in front of us are obstacles. Today, enjoy your life the way it is. Leave your worries till tomorrow, for tomorrow will soon come and you'll still be left with another worry.
One of the best things in life is walking on the beach in the early morning...
(I usually overthink things, so when I'm presented with an obstacle I normally barrel through it then realize at a later time what it really was. As a whole, I don't view things as obstacles but challenges. I guess it's all about perspectives. What I may look at as a game, someone else may find it a blocking point. When I think about it, what people fear must be a universal obstacle for everyone. I'm glad I barrel through or I might not do anything for fear of failure. Interesting.) 

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