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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Voices Unspoken

You are so lucky to have the freedom of speech. To be able to stand up and express your true feelings. Although there may be those who may try to stop you from speaking up, you need to remember how important this freedom is. Fear no one, including yourself in saying what you truly feel. For it is in the truth that we free ourselves from the binds that keep us from growing. There are also many others in the world, who are unable to speak for themselves. They feel as strongly as you, but are forbidden to speak. It is for these people, that you no longer can be silent. We live in a world where one voice can begin to make a difference for all. Today, speak up. Remember there is power in your voice. You can make a change, not only in your life but for many others throughout the universe.
Reflect before you speak...
(We are afraid to speak up for retaliation, but what happens in other countries is far worse than what can happen to us. Sometimes I wonder if I should speak up, but then I never thought of the others who don't have such an option. It is time for us all to consider speaking up for what we believe and to not fear whether others will agree or not. Speak up with discernment, respect, and graciousness then change will happen for us all.)

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