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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sabotaging Life

Why is it that when everything seems to be going great something happens to turn it around? Although you may say that your journey brings the unexpected, how many times have your decisions directly affected the outcome of your goals. However subtle your actions are, your fears may hinder you on your path. You may not even be aware of what you are doing unless you take a moment to reflect back on previous missed opportunities. Acknowledging that you may be sabotaging your heart’s desire may be the first step in understanding how much power you have in manifesting your own destiny. If you truly believe that you can attain your goals, then let your actions and words reflect your affirmations. Turn yourself away from what is most comfortable for you and take a leap of faith. For what brings you comfort, may be setting back your plans of success. You can receive all that you wish for, if you believe you deserve it. Today, grant yourself a wish to attain one of your heart’s desire. Look forward to what will come and the doors of opportunity will open for you.
Life is beautiful...
(I don't think that I would do sabotaging very well because I'm not that smart. It takes alot of effort to interfere with goal setting once it's set in motion. There is too much unconscious thinking going on and I'm too lazy to think that hard. I know there is a lot of grey in this area, but sabotaging would hurt not only myself but others. It seems to high a price to pay and I'm not that rich. Living with good intentions is a high standard to set, but I hope to continue this lifestyle. A - Thank you so much for the picture. Tahoe is truly a beautiful place to play.)

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