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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Life of Compassion

What is standing between you and living a life of compassion? We all have to make choices everyday as to how we want to live our lives. We may not be able to imagine what kind of life that would be because it seems so different from the life we are living right now. It may not be our fears that are keeping us from living a life of compassion but a misunderstanding of what it means to be compassionate. But you may be surprised that you are already living a life of compassion. Your love for the people that you care for is the purest expression of compassion. Today, continue to be just who you are. There is compassion in us all, if we following our hearts.
Compassion brings us all together...
(It's all about semantics. On the most basic level, I think everyone is compassionate. Sometimes when writing intuitively, words are brought up that make people uncomfortable because it brings us back to perfection. But I think living a simple life and taking care of the people I love is the best that I can do at this time.) 

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