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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Am Like You

Although we are unique spirits, we are still so much alike. I may not have the same abilities as you, but we all want love and happiness in our life. Our experiences differ, yet we all want to successfully journey down our path with the least amount of harm. So when you think that you are all alone and that there is no one who would understand what you are going through, remember I am like you. Today, be at peace with who you are.
Let's play...
(Today, as I was listening to other people's stories, I realized how similar they sounded. I know that we are so different, yet we are the same. I don't feel so alone, when I know that others have gone through similar experiences. I know it's human nature to look for difference, but it's hard to overlook when we are also so much alike. It feels good knowing that there are others like me.)

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