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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Long Learning

It's okay not to know everything, for that is what your life journey is about. To be confident within yourself to be able to say that you'll never know all that there is to know. To continue to ask questions long after you leave school knowing that you may never learn the answers to all and some things in life are best left unanswered. You learn so many things about yourself from your experiences and interaction with others.You learn about life from being an active participant. Sometimes you may feel that you don't know enough when you compare yourself with someone else. That's when you need to remember that you are unique and that everyone learns differently. Life is about experiencing all that the universe has to offer you. Today, accept that you are a life long learner. You may not know the answers to everything, but you are getting to know a little more about who you are.
I don't know why but I find jellyfish so facinating...
(If I could, I would go to school forever. I love structured learning. I have to be clear on that because there is life learning. I think life lessons are so much harder than classroom studies. At least in the classroom, you are provided with a syllabus and there is an objective to what you are learning. In life, you have to guess what the lesson is. No one tells you anything. You have to go through the same experience over and over again till you get what the lesson was about or at least guess what it is.  At this time, I'm dealing with chronic pain. What is the lesson in that, but understanding that pain is what it is. It is not separate from me or my enemy, but it will be just another part of who I am forever more. As bad as it gets it can not touch my spirit. Remind me of this, when I'm going through an exceptional bad day.)

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