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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dormant Dreams

Sometimes when you get caught up with your daily life, it seems as if your dreams get lost in the shuffle. Being so busy, you can't seem to recollect what your dreams were about. Although you try to remember, they remain vague and without meaning. They came so easily not too long ago, but that was before you were under so much stress and life was so chaotic. When all was right with the world, what you dreamed about came to pass. Life was dreaming about the impossible and trusting that all was possible. Dreams lay dormant until you are ready to believe in them again. Today, remember your dreams. For it's in your dreams that you find your purpose in life.
Dreams are all around us...
(It's time for me to believe in my dreams, but I'm not sure I have any at this time. Unless, what I see to be true are dreams, then that is what they are. To believe in what is coming and know that I am living my dream. All is right in my life. I am lucky to be where I am, for I am on my path.)

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