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Friday, January 11, 2013

Stepping Outside Of Your Box

 When you limit yourself because of your fears, you prevent yourself from moving forward on your path. The excuses you tell yourself will soon become unbelievable even to you. There comes a time when your yearning to experience new opportunities will challenge your deepest fears. It may take stepping out of your box for you to see what you've been missing. The life you have been leading so far has been what you asked for. It has given you a place of shelter as you healed within, but now is the time for growing and learning. So take the challenge and push yourself beyond your fears. Today, step outside the box you've created. Now is not the itme to second guess yourself. It is wthin you to find all that you desire.
Be the one who leads...
(I am going to challenge myself by doing things that I've never done before. I will set aside my fears so that I can live a fuller life. There is no excuses that I can give to myself that makes sense. It's time to enjoy all that makes the world a unique and special place to be. R- I am looking forward to the whale watch tomorrow. I want to experience something new and exciting with you. Let's have fun!)

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