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Saturday, December 22, 2012

You Are All One

You are no better or no worse than anyone else. You are all the same in spirit. There is a wanting to be happy. A wanting to be free of pain, A wanting to reach your destiny within your lifetime. The spirit is one of wanting to seek peace within oneself and then to help it's fellow man. Although you may feel different from those that surround you, there is always a commonality that many do not see. For some, they may never see that you are all brothers and sisters. But you may see how special your relationships are because your eyes are beginning to open. There are times when you see only what you want to see because it helps you to survive another day. But knowing that the universe has a plan for you helps to overcome your fears. By believing that you are all one is a step closer in attaining your destiny. Today, treat others the same. No one is better or no worse than anyone else. You are all special and unique. Once you believe that, than you will live in peace.
Let's take a break today...
(I miss Lanikai beach. It truly is a place close to heaven. In the morning when there is no one to share the sand with, it's like a paradise meant just for me. I feel as if I can resolve all my problems while I'm there. Whatever is wrong with the world, simply resolves itself as the water flows past me. I'll be back in a few days and this is one place that I'm sure to return to and rejuvenate my spirit.)

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