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Friday, December 14, 2012

We Care

Although there are times in your life when you feel as if no one cares about you, we care. We walk with you as you discover new experiences on your path. As you slip and fall, we are there to catch you and help you to gather your thoughts. When you feel disoriented, not sure of where to go, we give you inspiration. We are part of your journey in discovering who you are meant to be. We are the spirit within you that will be your guiding conscious. It's because we care for you and believe that you are a spiritual being deserving of everything under the universe. Today, trust that all will turn out well. As we care for you, show others that you care for them. It's when we are the most selfless that we find true happiness.
Come ride the waves with me...
(It's a wonderful feeling knowing that someone cares for me. No matter how alone I feel on this journey, I believe that there are many people that care about me. That in itself, keeps me going and makes me smile. For in the caring, comes such warmth that it fills my heart. I am here to serve others and I hope that my love and compassion for those I care for with help to protect them and see them well.)

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