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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taking The Perfect Picture

There are many of you who wish for the perfect life. Life becomes very challenging when you strive to be perfect. In fact, some of you may even think that not attaining the best reflects directly upon you. If this is so, then where does it leave you. Are you truly a reflection of your life? Does what you do or the material things that you have define who you are? When has the idea of perfection guided you to be on a path of wanting? Your search for perfection is like trying to take the perfect picture. Somehow the pictures you take never turn out exactly the way you want it, but that doesn't mean that the pictures are any less valuable. Because it's what you were doing at the time of the picture that is valuable. Pictures are only a reflection of the joy that you experience at the moment. So the next time you're thinking about wanting the perfect life, look around you and appreciate how valuable the life you are living now is as perfect as it can be. Today, just be yourself. No more, no less. You are perfect in our eyes.
Taking the perfect picture...
(What is perfection? I don't think I've ever strived for perfection because I'm not really sure what perfection is. I know what I want now that I'm older, but is that perfection. I guess it is in the eye of the beholder. So if that's the case, then everything under the sun is perfect. I have to think more about this concept of perfection.)

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