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Friday, December 21, 2012

Opening Yourself To All

It's time to open yourself to all that the universe is offering you. To guide you towards your destiny and lead you on your path. With the belief that all will come to you, you walk with trust in your heart. There is no hesitation as you walk on your path because there is a knowing that you are headed in the right direction. Those you now meet are meant to teach you many lessons as well as support you on your journey. It is your responsibility to open your arms to all that surround you. There is nothing that you can not achieve and attain, if you listen your heart. You will become the student, as well as, the teacher to others. It is time to follow your destiny. Today, be wise. You can be only who you are. No more, no less. By opening yourself to all, the universe will always be there to support your dreams.
The ocean is such a beautiful world...
(I think the most difficult thing to do is to open myself up to all. Being a person who likes to control her environment, it's been a learning experience to follow where the universe leads me. But in this experience, I've meet the most caring people and live on an island that is peace itself. With all of this, I still question "Where does this lead me?" I feel as if I'm living in a story, but I'm still in the middle. Oh well, I trust that all will work out as it should.)

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