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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Looking Into A Mirror

This year has been a year of looking into a mirror and seeing who we really are. The life that you are living and the people you are meeting are only a reflection of yourself. If you are confused and lost on your journey, those you meet may also be stumbling on their path. You may find it comforting to be with like kind, but being with these people may lengthen the time you live without direction. You may wonder why there are no opportunities that come your way, but the universe knows what you are capable at this time and this may not be the moment for new experiences. If this is not what you want in your life, then begin to look within and ask for guidance. Be the person you envision and your life will change to what the universe has planned for you. Live a life of love and compassion and you will receive all that you share with others. Today, think of what can you do for others. By living for others, you gain more than you can ever imagine. The mirror is always right, so if you want to see where you are, look around and you will see the truth.
You are where you choose to be...
(If my life is not going well, I have to remind myself that it only reflects who I am or what I am going through. I know that it's a time for reflection when I begin to feel uncomfortable where I am. I am better at catching myself much sooner now. I am at peace with who I am and the life I am living.) (B - you are in my prayers. You are stronger than you think. If you could only see yourself through the eyes of the universe, then you would see what you are capable of. Sleep well.)

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