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Monday, December 17, 2012

No More Excuses

You are so used to living a life that you've settled for, that the excuses you give others are beginning to sound like the truth. It is time for you to stop for a moment to reflect whether this is the life that was meant for you. Sometimes making excuses becomes easier than changing who you have become. Although settling for mediocore is something you would have never thought would happen, it is where you are at this time. When you are ready to capture what you want in life, then it will be the time for no excuses. Only you will know when that will be. Today, be true to yourself. No more excuses.

I was unable to load a picture tonight, but maybe there is a purpose in this. Just like anything else in life, when things aren't going the way I want or expect it to go then I think of reasons why.  But I wonder if that sounds like excuses. Sometimes it's best to leave well alone. There are no room for excuses in life, when I am living a life that is best for myself. I guess tonight is more about words than it was about a picture. Sleep well everyone. Tomorrow will be another day to make a mark in this wonderful world.


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