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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Passing Through Life

Sometimes it feels as if time goes by so quickly. We get impatient that we're not able to accomplish as much as we'd like. There is so much to do that we often wonder if we're able to complete all that we have planned. Although there are times that we are unable to finish all that we set out to do, know that this is not a true reflection of who we are. As we get older and become more conscious about time, we forget that we are only passing through life. Remember that we are only as good as our last action, so make each moment count and live with the best of intentions. Today, think about what kind of impact you want to have. Whether you affect one person or a hundred, your presence is important and will make a difference in your lifetime. We are all in this together because we are all passing through in this world. Shine your light upon the world.
What path have you decided to take...
(Sometimes it is hard to understand that I won't be here forever. I think it's part of human nature to think that we will always be here. There is no point of reference in dying. But I won't be here forever, so the question would be can I help others while in the state of denial. I understand I am only passing through, but I hope that within that time, I am able to help others. I truly believe that we are all connected. So if I live a life of compassion, then in some way this will affect others. We shall see.)

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