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Monday, December 10, 2012

Asking One More Time

There are times when you feel as if we are not listening to you and question our existence. But we are here and with you every step of the way of your journey. It's not that we do not hear you, but wait until you are sure of what you are asking for. It may seem that you pray with such intensity that it makes your heart cry with wanting. But after the moment passes so does the level of desire. It's important you continue to have hope that all things come to pass. But most of you can acquire all of this, under your own worth. We have given you everything to make all things possible, even making your own wishes and desires come true. So remember when asking for something and it doesn't transpire, then ask again. You will receive what you truly desire. Today, ask for something. It has always been within your grasp to attain all.
Each one is unique like us...
(When I ask for things and nothing transpires, I wonder if the universe hears me. Sometimes I lose track of how many times I ask for the same thing. It's not that I don't receive, I just ask for the same thing over and over. I believe that I receive what I deserve to help me on my journey. It sometimes makes me think if I am receiving what I truly desire or what I need at this time. Am I so intuned with my path that what I ask is what the universe was going to send to me anyway. I guess it always begins with...trust and the belief that we are all truly blessed.)

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