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Friday, December 14, 2012

Finding Peace Amongst Tragedy

When tragedy occurs there are no words to explain the insanity of the moment. Although your mind wants to make sense of what you have heard, you do not have any point of reference to understand what truly transpired. There is a sense of emptiness in your heart for those who have suffered the loss. It is times like these that you must count your blessings that you are safe and alive. Seek comfort knowing that there is still a plan even if your innocence has been shattered. Protect those you care for from harm by being diligent in your awareness of your environment. There are those around you that do not have your best interest at heart. Let your heart guide you through the chaos and you will never be alone. The universe is always  by your side. Believe in yourself and you will be there when you are needed by others. Today, let your spirit be free from your fears. The tragedy of today will ripple throughout the world. It is time for us all to join together to prevent the violence that runs rampant. You are a part of a very big circle of people that know that there is a better future planned for us all if we trust in all that is good. By living a life of love and compassion , the children will grow up learning not to fear what they can't see. We are their future.
There are still places to go to be at peace...
(When tragedy comes into our lives, it's more important than ever to find peace within our lives. If we fall apart at this time, it gives this senseless act more power to render us helpless. Being strong is easier said than done when there is confusion. I know in my heart that this tragedy will bring a community, state, nation, and the world closer together with a common bond. I hope that the momentum of this act spears us into working together to bring peace in the world. Let us all be guiding lights for each other. Leading each other to be the people we are meant to be.)

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