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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Releasing Expectations

Set yourself free by releasing your expectations. When you cloud your mind with standards that you and others must live by, you find yourself unable to move forward. It's as if you are imprisoned by your own rules. It becomes unbearable when others don't do what you expect them to. In your eyes, you may see failure on their part. Stop for a moment and think about what you are doing. Those you love and care for are not aware of the high standards that you have placed upon them. They don't understand when you get upset or feel disappointment. Your expectations are crippling yourself and your relationships. Release your expectations and accept yourself and others as you are meant to be. Live life with the understanding that all of you are doing the best you can to be happy and be at peace. Today, let others be themselves. Accept them for not only their strengths but their weaknesses. Be free to be unique.
Sometimes there is magic where you least expect it...
(It's easier said than done to release my expectations. I think that I hold fast to them because than I don't get hurt. But then, there is hurt when no one lives up to my expectations. Now that I've been doing a lot of releasing, I find that I am more at peace with not only myself but others. I find I am more happy when I let myself accept people for who they are.)

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