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Friday, December 7, 2012

Loving Yourself

When are you going to begin loving yourself and truly believing that you are deserving? The universe continues to provide you with all the resources you need to help yourself and others, so release your insecurities. There is room in your heart to love everyone, including yourself. You do not have to give all your love away. It is time to love yourself, so that you can help others. You are yet a child that needs to be protected from those who want to steal your precious innocence. Be the light that shines with love and compassion. Today, have the strength to be yourself. Do not let others dim your light. For it is your path to guide those who are lost, on their way with your compassionate light.

 Maybe if I stand really still no one would notice I'm here..
(Sometimes I get caught up with other people's drama that I forget that I have a reasons to be also. It usually creeps up before I even realize what is going on. When my day gets consumed by needless concern of another person, then I know I have to go back to my foundation. When my actions, thoughts and words become less loving and compassionate, it's time to reflect upon what is truly important. Am I helping anyone when I am in this state? Am I forgetting to love myself when I am concentrating so hard on the other person? It's challenging to love myself when I am loving others too much.)

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