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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catching Your Breath

There is a moment in life, when you stop for a moment and all is still around you. You may be in the middle of a crowded street, yet you are alone. You feel at peace within and everything seems right in your life. It's as if there is balance in your life and you can breath easy. Although it's only for a moment, it seems as if everything makes sense and you have the answers to all your questions. You have found where you are on your path and you are where you are supposed to be. All the confusion and questions you have had about your destiny doesn't matter because you are sure within your heart that you have all you need to live a peaceful life. As quickly as this moment comes, it may slip away. Don't be concerned because as you live your life with good intentions, you will find that these moments will come more frequently. You can live the life that you desire, if you believe in you who are meant to be. Today, give yourself a moment to catch your breath. In that moment, you will have the clarity to see things as they truly are. This is the time to gather your thoughts and be the person you have envisioned.
(All I know is that you have to experience being at peace to understand it. It's been a challenge to catch my breath when I'm always on the go, I guess that's why the universe changed my life around so that I was forced to slow down. Catching my breath is something that I'm getting used to doing.)

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