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Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Be

Sometimes in life you become so scattered because you're overwhelmed with all the things that you have taken on. You are unfocused as to where you are going and no longer have a clear idea of your goals. Walking on your path is somewhat challenging when you're not sure where you are. It may seem as if you are walking in circles, for you are sure you're seeing the same place at least twice before. It's almost a feeling of deja vu. "I'm doing the same thing over and over and I'm not moving forward. Why am I stuck?" You are actually not stagnant or stuck, but protecting yourself from taking on too much. It's okay to just be for a moment and to experience a  simple lifestyle and be at peace with yourself. It's time for you to accept where you are in life and to savor the moment before things start to move  forward again. Today, just be. Don't do anything that adds to the pressure you're already giving yourself. Let your spirit lead you to a place of peace. It's time for you to be exactly where you need to be.
You'll never know how sweet these are unless you tasted them yourself...
(Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed I shut down. I think it's natural to go into oneself and preserve whatever energy source you have when life becomes too much. But then again, I find that I go to a place of peace on a regular basis. I hear my spirit much more clearer when I am quiet. There is less competition with outside chatter. I feel that I'll be able to help others, if I can listen to the universal messages with an open heart, an open mind, and an open spirit. It's okay to be overwhelmed because it just reminds me to slow down.)

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