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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Peace In Your Heart

For many, finding peace of mind is something that is always out of reach. It may be something that you strive for, but how do you attain it if you're not quite sure what it means. Being overwhelmed in life often makes stress a constant companion. So you may try different things to alleviate the pressure, but nothing seems to work when you return to the chaos. Finding peace of mind comes from within your heart. Sometimes when you look so hard for something and you can't find it, take a moment to breath and you may find that it was always there for you. Peace is only a breath away. Today, see the beauty that surrounds you. In between all the busyness of the season, take time to take care of yourself. For the holiday spirit is within us all.
Follow your path ...

(This labyrinth was one of the largest that I've walked through. As I walked the path, I received many answers to the questions I posed, but the most memorable was "You know the answer to your questions, so why are you asking." I guess that says it all. No matter how much we know, we always feel we know nothing. Although Maui is quiet, it's still good to get away even further. Being in a garden makes me even more aware of my surroundings. Having peace in my heart makes me feel whole.)

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