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Monday, February 4, 2013

What Are You Listening To?

We are often so busy that we are unable to hear what is happening around us. We hear only what we want to hear and ignore the rest. In our lives, we are constantly being bombarded by noises and we learn to discern what is rubbish and what is not. But what if we are filtering out messages that are meant for us, but we determine them to be useless information. How much insight into our lives are we missing? What if we were to begin listening carefully to all the sounds that surround us? To be sensitive enough to hear even the stillness that sometimes seems deafening. If we open ourselves to what the universe is trying to share with us, we would be able to experience so much more in our lives. Today, just listen. Take a moment to be still, for in the stillness you will find the miracle that you have been searching for.
   There is beauty in the stillness of nature...
(There are so many times when I have had to filter out what was going on around me. There was so much chatter that I trained myself to ignore what was outside of what I felt was crucial to my knowing. But now I'm finding that I am having to retrain myself to open up more to what surrounds me. For it's in the chaos that I will find the answer to the question that I haven't let my self ask. That's why I love the quiet when I go walking. It's in the quiet that I will learn to hear again. B - thank you for the beautiful picture of Alaska.)

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