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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking A Leap Of Faith

There may be times when you're unsure whether or not you should step outside your comfort zone. Just knowing what makes you comfortable is an important key in making decisions. From that point, you can stretch yourself a little bit at a time. Challenging yourself to take advantage of opportunities which you may have not even looked at because they were so different from what you normally have experienced in the past. Sometimes, we may not have a choice but to take a leap of faith. When there is no time to think but to act, what will you do? Would you believe in your abilities to achieve whatever you seek? Go ahead and take that step which will lead you closer towards your destiny. Today, be at peace within yourself. There is no time but the present to attain your dreams.
It doesn't matter where this leads to...
(I think life is about taking a leap of faith. What is one person's leap is another person's baby step? That's why I try not to compare myself with others, otherwise I'll never be happy with myself. I have leaped alot these past couple of months, that it's a wonder I'm not dizzy. I guess it's been that kind of year. In the year of the snake, nothing stays still.)

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