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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dig Deep

When there is nothing else within you that you can call upon, where do you go from there. There is a rythmn to life, which we quickly adapt to but at times we find ourselves being out of sinc. We no longer feel that we're able to accomplish much and question whether we are still moving forward on our path. In times like these, we need to dig deep within ourselves to pull out our reserve energy. This will help us to go the extra mile and see ourselves beyond where we ever imagined ourselves to be. Today, seek your reserve. You have the ability to dig deeper and challenge yourself. Know that you can achieve whatever you envision, you just need to believe in yourself.
Sit with me for awhile...
(Sometimes when I'm not feeling well and I still have so much to do, I find that I have this reserve of energy that sees me through. Although I believe in taking care of myself and slowing down when necessary, there are times when my responsibilities and committments challenge me. I'm lucky that I don't usually have this kind of pressure, but it's good to know that I have something to call upon if I need to. I think we all underestimate the power we have within ourselves.)

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