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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding Comfort In Sile)nce

There are moments when silence offers us comfort. It covers us like a soft blanket, protecting us from the chaos that surrounds us. No matter what we are experiencing, when we remove ourselves from the noise which no longer makes sense, we find peace. When we cease speaking and listen to the voice that comes from within us, we'll be surprised at what we hear. In the silence, we understand who we are and who we are becoming. In the quiet, all will be revealed. Today, just listen. You will be surprised at what is really being said under the words that have been spoken so lightly. There in the silence, you will hear the meaning of all.
 Silence is bliss...
(Not feeling well, quiet is so healing. Just sitting in silence, I feel like I'm healing. Chicken noodle soup and crackers help alot too. It's funny how silence can be deafening sometimes, but it also can be so welcomed. I think I'll just relax for awhile.)

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