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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Foreseeing The Future

There are many of us that wish we could forsee the future. Just imagine the advantage we would have if we knew what was going to happen. We would be ready for anything that comes our way and there wouldn't be any surprises. But what good would that do because by knowing what will happen in the future, we have already changed the present. We would no longer have the same reactions knowing that in the future it wouldn't matter. That in itself changes our interactions and relationships with others, places we may visit, decisions we make. So maybe when we glimpse into the future, we are only seeing our life at a point where there hasn't been any changes to our present. Remember that our past and present experiences create our future and that is something worth appreciating, because that's what makes us the unique person that we are. Today, cherish the moment. Make the best of the present for it will surely bring the future that you desire.
If you look really close you can see a double rainbow...
(There are times in my life, when I have to really slow down or I'll miss some really great things. My daughter pointed out this double rainbow one morning. Since I hardly ever see such a full rainbow, I was impressed with that alone. That's when she said "Can't you see the other one?" Actually I couldn't, but then I wasn't looking for it. But there it was, it was awesome. I think that's what happens in life, we only see what we expect to see. Sometimes, we need others to help us see what our eyes alone are missing.)

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