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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Spirit Within Us

When hearing stories of unbelieveable bravery or courage, we may wonder where does this extraordinary strength come from. Is it that they are truly different from us or have they tapped into something within themselves that gives them the ability to overcome whatever seems to bind the rest of us? If there is such a source of power within us than why can't we access it? But what if to access it, we would first have to believe that there is something there. That's where most of us get lost. For within us all, our spirit lay waiting to guide us through our journey. Just believing in the possibility that there are opportunities waiting for us, opens our spirit to all that our heart desires. Today, know that you are unique. What you gain in your life will be different from others, so as you walk on your path remember that all your experiences whether good or bad have made you what you are today. The spirit within you has already served you well.
There is beauty found where ever you go...
(So many times when I take a picture, I'm taking what I think is going to be a great shot, but I can never predict what will come out. Of course there something to be said about the reality of being in the moment, but capturing something that seems almost spirtual is awesome. I'm blessed in so many ways, but I still need to be reminded that I've seen nothing yet.)

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