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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cleaning House

Before we know it, what we have accumulated over the years has piled up so that we're not even sure what is there. Can it be that we've collected so many things that we can hardly remember what they were? When does that which had so much meaning become meaningless. Not all that is material is toxic to us, we are also holding on to emotional debris. There is so much that we should disgard but keep close to us for fear to let go would be too painful. Neither the clutter of material or emotional baggage will help us to move freely. Release all that binds us to a place where we should have been long gone. By cleaning our home, we will find peace within our spirit. Today, it's time to take out the rubbish. Look around and within you and see what no longer serves purpose in your life. Living in a clean home, you will be able to move around more freely. It's time for you to live the life you envisioned.
We can find peace within the garden...
(What is it about cleaning house that makes me cringe? In fact, my husband is better at cleaning than I am. There is only so many excuses I can give before I need to get started to task. I've found over the years that living a simplistic life helps in not accumulating so much. This would include not holding on to emotional debris. But no matter how much I clean, I always seem to bring in more things. That's life.)

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