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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Angel Messages

Sometimes when we least expect it, we receive angel messages. There is no warning ahead of time, so we may miss them if we're not careful. Our lives are sometimes so chaotic or busy that it wouldn't take much for us not to hear these special messages. But that's when they come, when we're questioning our life. We send prayers to the universe and ask for help because we are lost and without direction. Do we ever stop to think that the universe would respond to our pleas? If we believe enough then why wouldn't we receive answers to our questions. If we open ourselves to the impossible then we may hear the angel messages that are being sent to us so that we can continue our journey with peace in our hearts. Today, listen. You'll be surprised at what messages will come to you and how they may change what you believe in yourself. When you learn how unique you are, you will see your purpose much clearer.

Messages can come from everywhere...
(I received my angel message today. It came from such a strange source, but it did it's job. It was confirmation that I am where I need to be, to be who I will become. Although life has it's ups and downs, we seem to remember only the downs. Today was a reminder that we are an accumulation of all our experiences and that's what makes us special. P - thank you so much for being you.)

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