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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Accepting Others

How many times have we thought that someone was not living up to their potential? How frustrating to see them wasting their lives away? Or are they? Could it be that we are imposing our own expectations on them because of the personal standards we hold? Are we accepting others for who they are? It's difficult to truly know what others are about because we have not experienced what they have nor do we know what they strive to be. All we can do is to create a persona based on what we have seen and heard which of course is not accurate. Would it be possible for us to concentrate on realizing our own potential than to critize others for not attaining theirs. Accepting others for who they are would be are greatest gift to them. Today, believe in yourself. As you become more comfortable with who you are, you will see that it is not for you to tell others what you do not know. The knowing will come when there is an accepting to let others just be.
Sometimes the path seems longer than it is...
(I think more about the journey than I do about reaching the goal, because in life it often changes. It's like running on a path which seems to go on forever. If I were to concentrate on the end, I would be defeated before I began, so I enjoy the path itself. Whether it's looking at the beautiful Koolau mountains or the whales off Wailea, it makes my run more enjoyable. So accepting others for who they are is part of my journey and theirs.) 

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