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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seeing Your True Reflection

We are not the best judge of our own character. We may believe that we are something that we are actually not. What we think of ourself may be what we'd like to be, but it's our actions and words that reflect the kind of person we truly are. Even then, we may excuse our bad behavior by telling ourselves that there are reasons beyond our control. Who then is the best to judge our character since we are not doing such a good job in monitoring ourselves? We don't have to look very far to see our true reflection, it's reflected in the faces of those we interact with everyday. In the faces of others, we will see who we truly are. Today, do some people watching. People have no idea of how they come across to others because they are too busy concentrating on themselves. Now as you interact with others, see your true reflection.
Anyone for pizza...
(I thought the message was going to be about looking into a mirror and seeing myself, but it makes sense that I would be too subjective if I was looking at myself. I would be too harsh or too defensive, either way I would find it difficult to be really honest with myself. But I have no control over how others react towards my words and actions. There is a point between their initial reaction and their polite respond that I can capture my true reflection. I wonder if I am truly who I think I am.)

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