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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Truth Will Be Revealed

Most of us view others through rose colored glasses because it's easier than dealing with the realities of life. It's difficult enough trying to see through the pretense that others hide behind, than to figure out who they really are behind their masks. If we were to take people at face value, how many of us would recognize what was real and what wasn't. Have we developed the skills to read beyond what we are shown. This year, we will find that the truth behind the masks will be revealed. What is the truth, but a reflection of our spirit. It is one thing to recognize the truth and another to know what to do with what we have just discovered. Many of us will be in a position that our values will be challenged. Are we willing to accept and ignore what has been shown to us? It is time to learn what truths lay within ourselves and accept others for who they truly are. Today, see beyond the masks. Whether you like what you see or not, recognize what is there. When the truth is revealed, know that the spirit that was once hidden is now vulnerable and can be shown compassion.
Let me just sit by the ocean for awhile...
(The truth is a funny thing. On one hand, I want to know the truth but on the other, it's pretty scary. There are so many hidden factors that can go wrong or hurt me that sometimes being in the dark is bliss. That's why I think that the truth has it's place in my life if it comes in intervals. But I know that the universe has other plans for me, so I have to be ready for whatever is revealed. Believing that the universe has my best interest in mind is my salvation.)


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