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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Being Happy

Being happy may be a goal for many of us, but how we define happiness may be different for everyone. Again our perception comes into play. We are guided by our own understanding of what makes us happy. We can easily define the word by looking it up in the dictionary, but what does it matter if we know the meaning but can't incorporate in our life. One of the reasons defining it may be difficult may be that it's more of an emotion or feeling than a finite thing. We can't attain happiness by just going to the store and buying it, although there may be a few people who find happiness going shopping. Being happy is an ongoing effort and evolves over our lifetime. When we find happiness, we need to truly appreciate the experience, for it is a special moment in our life that hopefully will linger with us for awhile. Today, find joy in your day. By learning more about yourself, you will be able to define what will bring you happiness.
Sometimes we need to look between the trees to get the best views...
(I find the word happy is not enough to express what I'm feeling. It's such a soft and sweet word. Sometimes what I feel is so much bigger than this. But if happy is the word to use, I guess that is where I am at this time.)


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