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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Facing Reality

Reality is somewhere between what is and what your perception is of what exists. No matter what anyone tells you or what you see, you will only believe what you perceive to be true. Is that a subjective view of what is occurring? Absolutely, but there is no deliberating after you have made up your mind. Perception is a funny thing, for no one is ever going to see the same thing as you. That is why there is so many communication problems in relationships, how can you explain to someone what only you believe to be true. But yet, there is a purpose for that. How willing are you to listen to others with an open mind, compromising what you see as reality. Facing reality is not only standing up for what you believe, but being humble enough to say that you may not always be right. With an open mind and heart, you will experience what true reality is. Today, think about how many times you've changed your mind because of what others have shared with you. How flexible are you in accepting that there may be more beyond what you know to be true? Face reality knowing that it is always evolving and will bring opportuntities that you never expected.
Whaling ships were a reality in the 1800's...no longer
(When I first read this message, I thought reality is what it is. Scientifically, we can prove almost everything. But I understand, in thinking about it more that what we perceive is our reality. I can be explaining something that is so clear in my mind, but my daughter always calls me on it saying that she has no clue in what I'm saying. Frustrated as I get, I now understand. It's funny how much more we can learn if others are honest with us.
Q- thank you for setting me straight. You've learned to do it so well without making me feel bad.)

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