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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Art Of Conversation

Often times what we hear is not what is meant. There is so much miscommunication when we assume what others are saying to us. Because we come from our own experiences, we can only understand what we've learned from the past. How can something so simple be misunderstood? When someone speaks to us, how well are we listening or are we filling in the spaces with meaningless words.  We don't aways have to rush to fill in the silence. Learning the art of conversation is the key to a successful relationship. Today, just listen. You don't always have to say something. Sometimes contributing to the conversation can mean just being a good listener. Understanding the meaning of what is being said is all that is asked of you.
Beauty of the mountains...
(If we only open our eyes, what beauty can we see. When I saw this picture, I really missed living in the Northwest. I know I need to be where I am at this moment, but that doesn't make it any easier. I guess that's what life is about. To acknowledge that although we may be missing something, we understand that there is purpose in our life at this time. To feel better, I tell myself that I can always visit the beautiful Cascades.Q-Thanks for the great pictures of your Spokane trip.)  

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