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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Knowing Where I Belong

For some of us, we may not know where we belong, but we do know what doesn't feel right. Belonging doesn't always have to do with being attached to a physical place, but a feeling of being comfortable with ourselves. If we believe and trust in ourselves, it doesn't matter where we are or what is going on in our life, we know we'll be all right. There is comfort knowing that we are not bound by our environment. No matter what we are experiencing, we know that this too shall pass. There is freedom knowing that we can all achieve a sense of belonging if we listen to the spirit within us. Today, seek the peace you are searching for. When you learn to trust your feelings and listen to what your heart tells you, you will then know where you belong.
There is beauty in all things...
(I think a sense of belonging is more complicated than we know it. For some, they live their whole lives searching for a place to belong, when belonging may be only a frame of mind. I think at this time, I have found that I belong where I am. My sense of belonging comes from my believing that I am where ever I need to be. Hopefully, where I end up next is as beautiful as where I am right now.)  

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