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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Sometimes when you've been striving so long to reach your dreams, it seems unbelievable when your luck changes seemingly overnight. Although it's important to appreciate your journey, you can't help but look ahead to see if the end result is near. At times, the path seems more difficult than usual and it takes perserverance to continue walking with determination. But one day, everything changes and you are living your dream. There may or may not have been a defining moment, but the struggle has finally ended. Another dream may take it's place, but for now you have succeeded in realizing your goal. What a difference a day makes. Today, make each moment count. Even at rest, you are on your path and moving forward. Life is about striving to reach the impossible, for one day everything will be possible.

You need to get in the canoe for you to experience the thrill...
(I think it's important to not only believe that your dreams or wishes can come true but to acknowledge and appreciate them when they do come to pass. We work so hard to achieve them, but move quickly on to our next vision once we get what we want. It's exciting to know that we never know when our luck will change, when our hard work turns the corner, when someone finally listens to our good ideas. I appreciate life's sense of timing.)

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