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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Journey

In our enthusiam to reach our goals, we sometimes forget that we have to journey to our destination. Our thoughts are focused on our vision of how things will be that we discard the present. So why are we surprised when we run into difficulties along the way. The picture we've created overshadows all, but it's the journey that is our reality. It never dawns on us that no matter what we see in the future, we still have to continue walking along our path. There is no skipping steps to get where we need to get to. If things were easier, we would attain our goals so much more quicker, but that is not the case. It is in the journey that we build our character and we become the person we are. Today, live in the moment. You will fulfill your destiny whether you appreciate your journey or not. But just imagine, the joy you will experience when you live life not only for the future but for each day. Each journey is unique, so live yours to the fullest.
Enjoy the present moment...
(Sometimes seeing the future is not worth it because I get so impatient for things to happen. It doesn't matter if I see so clearly, if I don't know which path will lead me to where I want to go. I've learned to take the future with a grain of salt, then let it go. I want to appreciate the present, so when I get to the future, my life will be that much fuller.) 

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