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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So What Have You Learned

The world being as chaotic as it is, life becomes very challenging. For many of you, living day to day has been a common experience. As you struggle through your professional and personal life, you pride yourself that you've overcome many obstacles. You have become resilient and flexible in handling difficult situations. But it seems that many of you, after going through your hardships, you have become forgetful as to what you've learned through these difficult times. Your ego interferes in your judgement. The universe does not give you hardships just to make life difficult, hopefully you gain some insight from your trials and tribulation. Pause for a moment between the most stressful times in your life and think how you could have done things better. Life is full of opportunities in which you can improve who you are as a person. Today, think about how you are resolving your problems. Are you able to return to balance after the storm has passed or do you feel as if you have been depleted of energy? No matter what occurs in your life, know that if there is balance within you can overcome all obstacles and still be at peace. Learn from the chaos for it's within the darkness that you will find who you really are.
The more you look at something, the more familiar it becomes...
(I hope that I learn something as I go through my stressful moments. It seems as if I am calmer and more thoughtful as I am experiencing crazy moments. Does it make the problem go away? Never, but at least I'm not crying as much. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older so the situations are more familiar or that I'm realizing that all that emotion is being wasted on something I can't control. Okay, back to life.)

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