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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Expecting The Unexpected

Often times you get lulled in the comfort of your daily life that you sometimes forget how things can change quite suddenly. Not to any effort on your part, but the world as you know it suddenly becomes unfamiliar. The universe has it's ways of moving things around so that you get the things that you have wanted, but in ways that you had never thought of. It's not that you don't have the imagination to create a life you wished for, but you are caught up in your own fears that to create something so far fetched is sometimes not imaginable. That's why  it's good for you to be ready for the unexpected. Life is as you make it to be, but knowing that things can change unexpectedly will help you through your journey. To expect the unexpected will open you to so much more. Today, be ready for change. What you know to be, will not be in the near future. Adjusting to the change is something that takes time but acknowledging what is to be is half the battle. Be open to what will be and you will gain what you have asked for.

Even the strange becomes acceptable...
(Although I feel that I'm ready for the unexpected, how can anyone be really ready for something that you don't know is going to happen. Theoretically, you psych yourself out knowing that something is coming, but you are still going to be surprised when it happens if you even know that it's happening. Hindsight is often when I know that something has occurred. Life is full of the unexpected.)

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