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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leaving Your Mark

Life is definately for the living. You live your life the best that you know how. Whether for the benefit of yourself or to help others. Life is truly what you make it. Once you are gone from this life, what legacy do you leave? Is there anything that is left here that reflects who you were? Is there a part of your essence that remains although your spirit has left this world? You worry about your daily life and all that it is, but after all is said and done, what was your life all about. It may as simple as, live your life with good intentions, be kind and respectful to others, and to find peace within yourself so that you can hear your spirit speak. Allow yourself to express the joy and happiness that is within you, so that you may share your love of life with everyone around you. Life is so short, so waiting for the right moment to do what you'd like to do, may be too late. Make the best of every moment in your life. Today, live for the moment. Make the time to do things that give you joy. It may be a small thing, but do it without guilt. You deserve to live a life that brings you happiness. Smile and laugh for it's your life.
It's time to leave your cage and be happy...
(Today, I attended a strange funeral. No one there was a friend of the person who passed. Most were there because of a sense of obligation to the family. No one really knew her because she wasn't the type of person you'd like to know. But the strange thing was that she left the world in two quart sized zip lock bags being thrown off a wall along the beachwalk. I had mixed feelings about what I saw. I'm not sure if I was sad because her family thought so little of her or if I was more shocked that no one reacted to what they saw. They just watched the bags float up to the top of the water and continously hit the wall. I understand this person is not here to witness her funeral but I thought how sad that this reflects how she lived her life. I understand more than ever that you get what you put in to life. My life means more than ending up in zip locked bags being tossed over a wall. I will continually strive to be true to myself. I will also give my family detailed instructions about my wishes upon my passing. I did think sunset at the beach was nice.)

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