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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Spirit Sees Clearly

Most of us wear a mask so it's difficult to see what is beneath. We keep our true feelings hidden because we are unsure of the reception that our words and actions will meet. It becomes difficult to know what others actually feel about us because their faces may not reflect what they are thinking. It may be frustrating at times because although they are saying one thing, we feel that they may be reacting very differently. If we were to let down our guard and open our spirit to the other person, we would see more clearly. Removing the boundaries we place between ourselves and others, our spirit would be free to see the other person as they truly are, for there are no filters between spirits. When we allow our spirit to see clearly, we are open to all. Today, be aware of others and see people as they truly are. Let your spirit see what your eyes have missed. It's time to recognize what you have been ignoring and live your life with purpose.

I never tire of the view on my way home...  
(I don't think the difficulty is being able to see people clearly for who they are. The challenge is what to do once you know what they are like inside and be able to speak with them without cringing. For the most part, I'm not very good at reading people. I take them at face value because I feel that people know what it is to be nice and if they are trying the best they can I'm going to give them points for that. I think those that are hiding who they are may be actually hurting inside. Who am I to reveal what they are trying so hard to hide? I guess that's why I try to treat everyone equally because we are basically the same, trying to live life the best we can.)

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