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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seeing Your Way Through Life

At times in your life, it feels comforting knowing that there are people you can lean on to see you through difficult times. But the challenge comes when comfort becomes dependency. We all have inner strength that comes through when things are especially chaotic, but it often times stays dormant because we choose to rely on the strength of others. We may live our lives never realizing the skills that we have because we never tap into them. Sometimes it takes being alone or not being able to call upon others to bring out what lays hidden. We may not even know what we have until we are forced to meet the challenge. Although it's scary and we may refuse to believe how strong we can actually be, when the time comes to test our abilities we will see ourselves through life. There are so many things that we are capable of, if we only trust in ourselves. Today, live life to the fullest. Acknowledge how many times you count on people to help you through the difficult times. Would you have been able to handle the situation by yourself? What strengths lay within you that you are not tapping into. Believe that you flow with the universal energy that gives you what you need in order to live a compassionate life.  
Living a dog's life seems so simple...
(I have the tendency to control situations, so I'm the opposite where I need to learn to lean on people more often. Thinking I have to fix something when actually no one has asked is pretty embarressing and leads to hurt feelings. I've learned to step aside or just observe while the world seems to be falling apart. Although it was pretty uncomfortable, leaving others to take the reins for awhile is actually not so bad. I am working on creating a balance on having people lean on me as opposed to learning to lean on others for support. I'm not sure which side is going to be more difficult to adjust to.)

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