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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life's Journey

We understand how easy it would be if we gave you instructions on how to navigate your life. Telling you when to turn in a certain direction and giving you the answers to your many questions. But what would life be, if it were not for the lessons of which you are to learn while you are here on earth. It is with trepidation that you journey through life. You fear that you will have numerous mistakes and that this will affect your progress. It is true that everything has consequence. We allow you to make mistakes so that what you learn from them will be with you forever. You do not listen to what others tell you, so why would you listen to your spirit. It is by living with the spirit that you walk your path with ease. Do not fight what is because the universe flows through you as you journey forward. Today is for living. Life is for you to be a part of and take chances. For it is by putting yourself out there that you begin to trust that there is no mistakes in living with the spirit.
When you walk through the forest, feel the healing energy of the trees...
(Often times I wish that someone would tell me if I'm making the right decisions in my life. Thinking I'm doing the right thing for myself and knowing for sure are two different thing. Sometimes it would be reassuring if I received a sign that I am heading in the right direction. But I stand corrected, I do get confirmation in so many ways that I am making decisions that have me moving towards my destiny. Although it's scary to think that for some of us, we need to step so far out of the box to fulfill our destiny.)

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