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Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking Into A Mirror

How difficult is it to witness someone being harmed and you are helpless to do anything? Their pain is something that you are familiar with because you were once in that position. Being helpless whether you are the victim or the witness, is not a very comfortable place to be. As a victim, you feel like a prisoner within your own body because although your mind is racing, your body refuses to move. As a witness, you are in a similar position. Watching the drama play out is difficult because it's like looking into a mirror. You know the scene so well because you've played the part of the victim so often. But for all intent purposes, you are no longer the victim. You have grown into a stronger person with the courage to stand up to all. Then what is the purpose of you witnessing this scene. It may not be about the victim but it may be a reminder for yourself as to how far you've journeyed. You may not be able to help the victim, butwill help others in the future. Today, be at peace with who you are. You are longer a victim, but a survivor. You are strong and will continue to grow in spirit. Rejoice in the knowledge that you've gone so far on your path.
There are so many bridges we need to cross in our lifetime...
(I met someone this weekend that I felt so much empathy for that my heart ached for her. It was as if I was seeing myself thirty years ago. I wondered if she would make the same mistakes I had. If she would feel as confused and lost as I did. I identified with what she was going through. Yet, I stopped myself because she was not I. I was not there to help her but to look at myself in the mirror. I am not who I was and have grown to see what a blessed life I now live. I wish her love and an awakening to the beauty that lies within her. She, like I did, has the power to change her circumstance.) 

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