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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Acknowledging Your Angels

Whether you can see them or not, everyone has angels who watch over them. Your angel may be assigned to you for a lifetime or it may be a one time thing. They are assigned to you for not only your protection but to guide you on your path. Many of you may hear the soft whispering of their knowledge, but others may choose to ignore the whispers. For those of you who ignore, you may be the doubters of what you know is the truth. You doubt yourself and the decisions you make, so why would you listen to the voice of reason. Many of your angels remain silent as they watch as you stumble through life. They will step aside as you make your mistakes and let your arrogance lead you down your path. And you wonder why you are lost. Be still for a moment and acknowledge the angels that surround you. Let them guide you on your journey. You are here for a purpose, let them help you see it through. Today, open yourself to the help that is awaiting you. You do not have to go through life alone. When you acknowledge your angels, you will see how quickly your life will open up to so many more opportunities. Open you mind and heart to what comes your way.
Angels don't always have to wear white...

(I always thought of angels as wearing white and having wings, but I found they come in all different forms. Of course, there are the ones with wings and there are also the ones on earth who help us in the here and now. But I just met one that was a pixie or at least he looked like tinkerbell. How odd. I guess angels match who they are watching over. Q is definately an elf and her angel is so appropriate for her. Who else would watch over an elf, but a pixie.)

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